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Institute for System Programming

The Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP) give the students of Moscow State University and the students of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology a grounding in scientific work. Students in the ISP undertake graduate and post-graduate studies (for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees) participate in scientific research, and work with staff on Institute projects.


The weekly journal "PC Week" is the newspaper for corporate users of information technologies. PC Week is one of the oldest titles in our country, covering all aspects of IT development in Russia and abroad.
"PC Week" has developed the
Virtual Museum of Computers, which carefully assembles the history of computers and the development of computer science in the USSR and Russia. The old saying has it that: "nobody has a future, if he forgets the past". The "PC Week" initiative helps us to preserve the memory of the dramatic history of computer science development in the Soviet Union and Russia. So we have a basis for success in the future.


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) provides organizational support to our Association. The student chapter of MIPT is very active. Every year we organize a Student scientific conference which more than 200 students and postgraduates take part in. You can find more about MIPT's life and history in the "Basis".

St.-Petersburg State University

The collaborators of the System Programming Department of the St. Petersburg State University have translated into Russian the major document developed by IEEE Computer Society and ACM - "Computing Curricula 2001: Computer Science" (CC2001). 
Officially this document is just a recommendation for teaching computer science at university level, but really it is the standard that each university should adopt to give its students a modern education in Computer Science.

Taganrog State  University of Radioengineering

The IEEE student branch in Taganrog State University of Radioelectronics is the oldest in Russia. The site is currently under reconstruction, so information about IEEE university branch activity is inaccessible at present.

Tomsk joint group

The Tomsk joint group (TJG) was formed in 2000, when the student branches of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and Tomsk Polytechnic University were united into one group.  The main activity of the group is in the direction of ED/COM/MTT/AP/EMC.
It is a very active group, which supports contacts with other IEEE student branches in Siberia. Every year it organizes both local and joint conferences with other IEEE student groups.
You can subscribe here to the TJG's mailing:


Moscow Power Engineering Institute

The Student branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute is one  of the most active in Russia. English is the official language of the site.